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Fast Billing Software- For Restaurant

Fast Restaurant billing Software which helps in maintaining different menus with different price list for different times of day; it also made billing easier by providing different modes of payments (cash & credit cards).

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Restaurant software increase sales efficiency, track payments made and analyze customer’s buying pattern to understand seasonal trends.

Purchase og restaurant billing software

Gain complete and real time insights into companies purchase, suppliers and payments process.

Inventory software of restaurant

Monitor existing stock and reduce inventory overstock/stock-out situations and optimize inventory holding cost and wastage.

Reports of restaurant billing

Fast Restaurant management software maintain all taxes and generate financial reports automatically. Reduce human error associated with manual accounting entries.

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To Make Customers Happy

   In today's scenario Restaurant one of the most crowded place where everyone is in hurry, they want their order should be placed fast and faster the billing should be.

   It is also difficult to remember debtors and creditors and its outstanding's. Computerization is the only way to keep a track of inventory and accounting.

   restaurnat pos system allows you to gain a complete control over your restaurant business. Keep a track of the daily sales, total bills generated, costs incurred, staff performance and more through simple yet detailed Reporting and Analytics.

   The restaurant software has a systematically stock management system for both kinds of items as trading and recipe Items. Vouchers are in software Purchase, Sales, Store Inward, Kitchen Inward.

   Another facility in restaurnat pos system is moile KOT(Kitchen Order Ticket) Billing Software is nothing but Billing system is fully done through restaurant pos system installed in your Android mobile.

- KOT order taken

- Settlement is Securely handled

- We can get sms what are all going in Restaurant through restaurant software

- All reports through mails

   Let your customers dine at a seat of their choice by pre-booking their table. Save your customers the trouble of waiting for a table during the rush hours through POSist’s Table Reservation System.

Benefits of restaurant billing system

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